A role of investment strategy in the production development


Investment strategy is an effective instrument for perspective management of the enterprise.
Its main goal is total development of macroeconomic showings, system of state regulation of market processes, also essential changing of investment market and so on.
Investment strategy is the system of long-termed purposes pf investment activities of the enterprise, which is defined by common problems of its development and the investment ideology, also selection of the most effective ways of their achievements.
We can consider investment strategy to be general plan of activating in the sphere of the investment activity of the enterprise, which defines priorities of forms and directions of these activities, also character of formation of the investment resources and successiveness of the stages of long-termed investment purpose realization guaranteeing total development of the enterprise.
Processing of the investment strategy plays a big role in provision of effective development of the enterprise that is displayed in the following:
– processed investment strategy guarantees mechanisms of realizing long-termed common and investment purposes of the future economical and social development of whole enterprise and its separate structural units;
– it makes it possible to estimate real investment abilities of the enterprise, guarantee maximum usage of its inner investment potential and possibilities of actual maneuvering of the investment resources;
– it guarantees fast realization of those new and perspective investment possibilities, which appear in the process of dynamic changing of the factors of external investment domain;
– It expresses comparative priority of the enterprise in the investment activity towards its competitors;
– Existence of the investment strategy is guaranteed by firm interrelation of strategic, current and operative management of the investment activity of the enterprise;
– Processed investment strategy is one of the basic preconditions of strategic changing of total organization structure and organization culture of the enterprise.
Foundation of processing strategic direction of investment activities of the enterprise is a system of purposes of these activities, in the process of which following problems are successively solved:
1. definition of correlation of investment forms at the separate stages of the perspective period;
2. definition of the field directions of the investment activities;
3. definition of regional directions of the investment activities.