Saakashvili meets representatives of World Bank

From the Editorial Board

Georgia is a successful example for everyone, President Mikheil Saakasvili said at the meeting with representatives of the World Bank at Kvareli Lake of Kakheti Region in Eastern Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili accented in his speech reforms in the educational system, patrol police and stressed necessity of implanting novelties in the country.
Later the president answered questions of young leaders of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), who have arrived in Georgia for purpose of learning the local development tendencies.
The president said despite a lot of difficulties, after the Rose Revolution Georgia”s economy is growing and teh country is going step by step towards progress.
Saakashvili talked about the low index of corruption in the country and added that Georgia”s success is not the success of only one leader. “Georgia is a constellation of leaders”, he added.
The Georgian president also talked about prospects of development of the country. He said infrastructure, tourism and agriculture are the main sources of Georgia”s development and the country possesses all the resources.
“We are changing our mentality. We are in the process of re-discovering our country. We have found out that all regions of Georgia and not only two or three of them, defined by members of the political bureau, who had summer cottages there, have tourism potential”, Saakashvili said.
The World Bank recently named Georgia as
number one reformer country.